Thursday, 2 June 2016

New Report - Asphalt Market Growth And Forecast To 2015 By Radiant Insights, Inc.

Asphalt, also called as bitumen, is a black, sticky, and extremely viscous semi-solid or liquid form of petroleum. It is found in a natural deposit or as a refined product. The main application of asphalt is in the road construction in which it is utilized as a binder or glue blended with aggregate elements to produce asphalt concrete. It also finds applications in roofing, waterproof sealing, and paving etc.

The growing population all over the world that needs new road constructions, as well as the maintenance of existing roads for travelling, is one of the major growth driving factors for the asphalt industry. It is preferred in road constructions due to the benefits it offers e.g., infrequent maintenance, reduced noise levels, durability under any traffic volumes, 100 percent recyclability, and so on. However, the global market is facing a major challenge due to some sustainability & ecological issues as asphalt poses considerable ecological hazards that can cause potentially disturbing consequences.

This research report is a detailed and a professional study of the present market situations of the global industry of asphalt. The global market is expected to grow at a compound annual CAGR of 4% during the forecast period.
The report gives a basic idea of the global market including definition, manufacturing technologies, and applications. The report also offers the major international market players’ details including the company profiles, product pictures & specifications, production value, capacity, and so on.

The global market is further categorized by applications/types, countries, and companies. The report also offers a detailed analysis of the downstream demand, upstream raw materials, market development plans and trends, as well as present industry dynamics. Overall, this research report offers a detailed overview of the global asphalt industry covering all the major parameters.

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